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We here at Eris Home Products is a family-owned company with a thorough background in engineering, architecture and an eye for construction.

We ship our high quality doors nationwide for free. Besides standard choices, we offer a variety of custom doors that differ in sizes, glass and color. Our customers get door features that fit the purpose of their style and functionality, and surely raise the look and value of their home. These doors offer energy efficiency, enhanced security and ultimate longevity.

Located in Newbury Park, you can stop by if you live nearby. Please check out our inventory online and contact us via phone or email for any questions you have.

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At Eris Home Products we strive to meet each individual’s needs when shopping for bifold doors, iron doors or windows. In addition to the broad background of education and expertise in the field of engineering, we have successfully developed strong relationships with clients, architects, contractors and suppliers throughout the past decades. These tools allow industry support vital to deliver on every project we undertake.


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