Iron Doors

Ultimately Eris Wrought Iron Doors are enticing that they can create elegant secure entryways. In fact, our single and double doors fit any house — modern or classic — and are constructed with 14-gauge steel and 5/8” solid bar.


Double-Tempered (Argon) Gas-Filled Wind


  • Improves U-value, the measure of a window’s thermal performance; similar to the R-value of wall insulation.
  • Enhances soundproofing characteristics.
  • Minimizes heat exchange through the window.
  • Reduces the possibility of condensation and frost.
  • Can be used in all climates.

Polyurethane Foam-Injected Door Frame


  • Simplicity and elegance in a single-piece design.
  • Ability to withstand high winds and seismic forces.
  • Efficient thermal performance that can reduce energy usage.
  • A dense, continuous air barrier.
  • Effective insulation properties with high R-value.


Weatherstripping is a very simple and relatively low-cost way to improve the energy efficiency of a home. In general, it reduces the air leaks through doors and operable windows by sealing off the movable connections when the door or window is closed, provided better protection against air drafts.

Door Shoe

For one thing, those rodents, insects, dust and dirt will stay at bay thanks to the door bottom seal. In brief terms, it completely covers the gap and prevents these unwanted things from entering inside your home. Along with this, it also saves heat loss and electricity, which in this case it reduces your energy bill in the end.


Operative Glass via Iron Latch & Hook


Our doors have iron latches & hooks for overall convenience and security. When hot days or cold days are around, the doors are well crafted to make easy window adjustment.

12″ Heavy-Duty Hinges


A duo of 12″ heavy-duty easy-swing hinges provided effortless window adjustment.

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From Our Customers

Some of our google reviews from our valued customers. For more, please google our business Eris Home Products in Newbury Park.

Eris Home Products is a great company to do business with. Their products are very well made and at very good price. I bought a 12 feet aluminum sliding door and a front steel door and so happy with them both. But most importantly, Andy was incredibly helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable with all the products we needed. He also went above and beyond to ensure that are doors were delivered in a timely manner. I will continue and highly recommend this company to anyone looking for home improvement products. Thank you again Andy!

Angelo Bosio

Customer service is absolutely amazing. The doors are solid and look so good. Sturdy aluminum at a great price. Better than what I have seen for vinyl. Choose Eris 100% !

Mark Maritz

I can’t say enough good things our experience with Eris Home Products and working directly with Andy. From the start, Andy provided amazing customer service and made sure every detail of our order was perfect. The bi-folding doors and windows were delivered with no issues and are amazing quality. They are a total game-changer for our outdoor patio! We have gotten so many compliments since we installed them and have friends that are interested in ordering them as well. I’m so glad we found Eris Home Products so that we could make this outdoor space a reality at a much more affordable cost! Will definitely be ordering from them in the future.
Gabrielle Fornace

I love everything about these doors, from the design, to the durability, the high quality. You won’t want to go anywhere else. Worth every penny and it will last you a lifetime! I highly recommend!

Nellie Christine

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