Today’s smart toilets are outfitted with sensors that activate the flushing mechanism. When you move away from the toilet, it senses the distance of your body and flushes automatically. Alternately, you can wave a hand in front of the toilet to get it to flush. While this is a fun tech feature, it’s also functional. Eris smart toilets provide a completely touch-free and hygienic bathroom experience. They have automated systems that eliminate the need to open or close the lids. The toilet will water-rinse, clean and air dry you afterwards. It will also thorough-clean, sanitize and deodorize itself after use. Smart toilets have sensors to detect your movement and will auto lift the lids once you approach them. The automatic lids will open upon anticipating your arrival with preheated seats ready for your descent. After having done your business you can walk away, and the lids will automatically.




  • ET12

    Eris Smart Toilet – ET12

    $ 1,795.00
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  • ET11

    Eris Smart Toilet – ET11

    $ 1,895.00
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  • ET10

    Eris Smart Toilet – ET10

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  • Smart Toilets

    Eris Smart Toilet – ET9

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  • Smart Toilets

    Eris Smart Toilet – ET8

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